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The Pike County Health Coalition (PCHC) was formed to address the many health and wellness issues and challenges that face the residents of Pike County. We focus on population outcomes such as the changes in the condition or well-being of children, families or communities (e.g., increase in employment and graduation rates or decreased infant mortality or teen pregnancy rates). Long-term results of our combined efforts takes a number of different strategies, initiatives, programs and organizations. It takes a comprehensive, multi-year effort to try to change population outcomes. Some of the additional task that PCHC continue to develop amongst our members are communication and feedback with organizations, commitment and participation from coalition members, recruitment of new members, and evaluation and improvements for our population outcomes.

The coalition utilizes evidence-based best practices to meet its strategies and goals on a national model for objectives from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. These indicators are leading health indicators from Healthy People 2020. We continue to emphasis our efforts for our community health improvement priorities in 2020 for the following: Substance Abuse, Tobacco and Vaping Prevention, Nutrition and Fitness Improvement. These areas will also focus on the top aspects of mental health, child safety, teen pregnancy prevention, and social factors of health to improve the leading causes of death, health behaviors, and environmental health factors in Pike County. PCHC understands the community needs and have assessed the strengths and weaknesses of our community. This assessment will expand the coalition efforts to create efficient and effective quality of life for all residents of Pike County.

Pike County Steering Committee

Pike County Drug Abuse Prevention & Re-Entry Coalition Members – Drug Abuse Priority

Pike Healthy Lifestyle Initiative (PHLI) Members – Obesity Priority

Pike Tobacco Coalition

For a complete listing of the organizations that participate in the Pike County Health Coalition, please refer to the “Partners” section of this website.